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  The patterns and energy in creation mirror and effect our lives as we are all a part of creation.  

Birth Card and Yearly Report                        

Book of Destiny by Robert Camp: 30 +  pages  1 year - Using the Ancient Science of the Cards, one's birth reading, present yearly cycles, and academics are explored. This report is not using a system based on divination. It comes from the numerical system and the regular 52 deck of cards. Beautiful graphics.   Sample        EMAILED  $12          

The Book of Destiny is a yearly report that starts on one's birthday. So, if your birthday was in January, let's say you ordered in August you would have to choose if you want to start with January earlier in the year or the next year.

Cards reports never can start the day in the year you are born. The earliest you can choose a yearly report is beginning with your first birthday.


Birth Card and Life Report

Destiny Life Report by Robert Camp: 40 +  pages - Using the Cards of Destiny your life long report covers your birth and planetary ruling cards, 13 year periods and important events.  The report starts with the present year and goes to the age of 85.   Sample    For present year until 85
EMAILED  $18       


Compatibility Report

Love Cards by Robert Camp: 18 pages - Shows compatibility between a couple using the principles of the Cards. Final numerical totals help in defining the connections in the relationship. You can choose whether the report is run for lovers, friends or family or business.  You can choose the report to run for lovers, friends or business associates.   Sample          EMAILED     $12


Yearly Relationship Report

Yearly Relationship Report by Robert Camp: 5-7 pages - This report will look at your relationship connections over a period of time.  You will see how someone influences you during the course of a year.   Sample 
$10  1 year EMAILED

Please note when putting the first  person as number one and the second person as number two does not produce the same results as putting the second as the first. So, you are seeing results in relationship to the first person.

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